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> http://php.net/manual/en/misc.configuration.php#ini.browscap
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> $browser = get_browser(null, TRUE);
> if (isset($browser['ismobiledevice']) && ($browser['ismobiledevice']
>  == TRUE)) {
>     $isMobile = TRUE;
> }
> else {
>      = FALSE;
> }
> unset($browser);

Argh!, Argh!, Argh! -- two of my pet hates in one snippet!

Comparing something ==TRUE is almost always unnecessary, and absolutely always 
when it's used as an element of a Boolean expression: if x evaluates to TRUE, 
x==TRUE is also TRUE, and if it evaluates to FALSE x==TRUE is also FALSE, so 
the comparison is unnecessary, redundant and wasteful. Just use x.

And why use an if test on a Boolean value to see if it's TRUE or FALSE, just so 
you can assign TRUE or FALSE?? Since the thing you're testing has the value you 
want in the first place, just flipping assign it!

  $isMobile = isset($browser['ismobiledevice']) && $browser['ismobiledevice'];




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