On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 11:47:28PM +0200, adriano wrote:

> holes in sequence of auto increment happen using transaction for
> insert new record but you don't commit transaction itself
> it seems that the autoincrement is incremented anyway
> at least this is my case.

I think what Tedd was referring to was something else. The "hole" was
quite large. I've seen this behavior myself, in PostgreSQL. From one
transaction to the next, there were over 10,000 skipped numbers, and
only me and my wife on the system. Some sort of bug, like a spinlock
that wasn't interrupted the way it should have been. I remember the
system taking forever to calm down before it gave the next transaction a
number way forward of the last one. I waited in front of my browser for
quite some time. But I couldn't explain why.


Paul M. Foster

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