I have an application running under PHP-5.4.17-TS-VC9 (and .14 as of yesterday) 
with Aprelium's Abyss X1 v2.8 web server in FastCGI mode on WinXPSP3.

An earlier version of this application works. The current version causes a 500 
Internal Server Error. There is no entry in PHP's (fully active) error log. I 
cannot decipher Abyss's logging, so I cannot determine if a clue was reported 
by Abyss or not.

The current version works on a different system (Server 2003, PHP 5.3.5-TS-VC6 
(Apache module), Apache 2.2).

What I would like to have is a method of getting PHP to report in some 
undeniable manner, short of total system failure, what it doesn't like about 
whatever killed it.

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