Hey all,

 I'm trying to pick up some basic use of MongoDB using PHP.

 I seem to have hit an early obstacle that I'd like your opinion on. I try
to pass an array to the mongo insert function, but for some reason the
function does not recognize the array I'm passing. Even though I can
perform a var_dump() on the array and see the contents.

Here's the output I'm seeing (with error):

Mongo Test Page array(6) { ["first_name"]=> string(5) "Peter"
["last_name"]=> string(6) "Parker" ["address"]=> string(16) "175 Fifth
Avenue" ["city"]=> string(8) "New York" ["state"]=> string(2) "NY"
["zip"]=> string(5) "10010" }

*Notice*: Undefined variable: addresses in */var/www/mongomaven/index.php* on
line *36*

*Fatal error*: Call to a member function insert() on a non-object in *
/var/www/mongomaven/index.php* on line *36*
And here's the code:

  <title>Mongo Test</title>

 Mongo Test Page

    $connection = new Mongo();

    $db = $connection->jfdb;

    $collection = $db->addresses;

    //$adresses = $connection->jfdb->adresses;

    $address = array(
     'first_name' => 'Peter',
    'last_name' => 'Parker',
    'address' => '175 Fifth Avenue',
    'city' => 'New York',
    'state' => 'NY',
    'zip' => '10010',    );


    echo '<br />';



I'd appreciate any advice you might have.


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