Hi Guys/Gals,

I'm doing some integration work with a COM API and according to their
documentation to save data in the API, you have to assign to the

This is their example in Visual Basic:

    Set oBank = New CBank
    oBank.Init Application.SessionContext
    With oBank
        .Fields(BANK_fld_ACCOUNT_NAME) = "Test account"
        .Fields(BANK_fld_ACCOUNT_NO) = "12345"
        .Fields(BANK_fld_BANK) = "Bank of the Nation"
        .Fields(BANK_fld_BRANCH_NAME) = "State Street Branch"
    End With

Obviously in PHP is isn't possible to assign to a method in this way
(thats what parameters are for!) So I'm at a bit of a loose end. I'm
wondering if anyone else has come across this? Or am I missing
something obvious in PHP's implementation of the COM that allows me to
work around this?

My PHP Code is looks like this:
$API = new COM('API7.API');
$API->Init($SerialNo, $Login, '', 1, '', 1);
$API->SignOutOnTerminate = True;

$Record = new COM("Data.Record");

$Record->Fields('BANK_fld_ACCOUNT_NAME') = 'Test Account';//doesn't work

I've also tried (below) but the API says wrong number of parameters
$Record->Fields('BANK_fld_ACCOUNT_NAME', 'Test Account');

I've also tried something crazy like this (below) but that overwrites
the $Record object.
$_R = &$Record->Fields('BANK_fld_ACCOUNT_NAME');
$_R = 'Test Account';

Any ideas? Is it possible?

Many Thanks
Adam Nicholls

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