Hello again.
I have this this source code that not work as I want...

THe PHP/HTHML form fields is generated by a while loop and looks like this:

<input type="number" name="number_of_items[]" size="6" value="<?hp
echo "$item"; ?>" required="required">

the php source code look like this:

        foreach($number_of_items as $itemi){
        echo "$itemi<br>";

            $sql = "UPDATE item_table SET number_item = '$item' WHERE date
= '$todays_date' AND sign = '$username'";
            mysql_query($sql,$connect) or die(mysql_error());


The problem is:
Foreach list every items as expected in PHP doc and I thought that $sql and
mysql_query should be run five times when I have five items.
But the problem is that only the very last number_of_items is written when
update the form..
I believe this is becayse number_of_items = '$item in $sqk override every
earlier result.

So my querstion is. How to to update the database in this case?

Thanks again for your good advice  and time to help me.


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