hi there,
have a problem getting a user input string as GET/query string.
what i wanna do is enable a user to append an additional string to the end
of the URL. there is no problem when the user inputs strictly english chars.
but whenever they input a latin-2 specific character (like eg. "latin letter
a with ogonek" - that's unicode description of the char) i get two
characters which do not look any like anything i know... i thought it might
be unicode or something, but it doesn't work that way with "normal"/plain
(ISO-8859-1) characters.
the trouble is with stuff like: ą ę ć ż ź ś ł ó etc.
is there some kind of work around for this or is it completely impossible to
achieve that kind of input?
i found some module (multi byte chars) - but it's experimental...
please help!!!!

Zagraj w I Lidze z wlasna druzyna...

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