Nick Edwards wrote:
So, is the general opinion here, from actual "factual experience"  and
not because you read the same trashy bloggers as I did,  in agreeance?
  is it genuinely true that suhosin is now irrelevant with 5.4 upwards
and php is now much safer on its own?

Practical experience is that suhosin does not actually work with 5.4?
I've had to disable it because of problems with session handling amongst other things and don't have time to investigate why. Would I prefer to re-enable it - YES - and it's one of a number of reasons that have been making switching currently stable PHP5.2 servers over to 5.4 less attractive. The amount of time I'm wasting on coping with many of the so called improvements across the whole Linux platform is making me feel that commercial interests are actually in control rather than users/developers? Staying with stable platforms that we are comfortable with is just not practical :(

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