On Aug 3, 2013 3:03 PM, "dealTek" <deal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am having trouble with session vars.
> I'm trying to implement the credit card direct pay method outlined here...
> http://developer.authorize.net/api/dpm/
> - Basically, page 1 is my form that goes outside my site to the cc
gateway company then comes back with a result... (PG2)
> Problem: if I try to create session vars on page 1 - they don't work on
page 2.
> Am I correct in thinking that when this process leaves my site and goes
to the gateway, then returns, it is similar to creating a new session and
that is why the session vars don't remain active?
> Thanks in advance.

    Are you calling session_start() on both pages or at least using a
session auto start?  Also, is the API returning the data by redirecting the
client (browser) or doing a postback?

    If the remote server is calling back behind the scenes, then you'll
need a workaround and additional processing, or the ability to pass the
session ID and assume the client-initiated session (not ideal).  If it's
all processed by the browser, the redirection should have no bearing, as
the session will persist based upon the server-side data and the
client-side cookie; the server will have no knowledge of the client's
redirection to the payment gateway (nor any remote destination).

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