On 13/08/2013 16:20, Tedd Sperling wrote:
> Hi gang:
> I'm using the class.phpmailer.php code to send email -- it works neat -- very 
> classy (no pun intended).
> I can send an email from my sperling.com domain and it arrives almost 
> immediately.
> However, when I use the exact same code (except for the FROM address) from 
> kvyv.com (another domain I own), the email literally takes hours (up to 12) 
> to arrive.
> Any idea of why there is a difference of email transit times between the two 
> domains?
> Cheers,
> tedd
> PS: Note, my receiving email addresses are handled by gmail.com.


Have a look at the "Received:" headers of each email.  They are in
reverse order.  I.e. the one at the top is the most recently added.

Take into account timezone differences too.

12 hours seems like a very long time for a delay.  I suspect one of the
receiving hosts in the chain employs greylisting, and the sending
network employs many different sending servers (ie like Google) in a
round-robin fashion.  The greylisting server may not be configured to
recognise the many different servers as one 'set'.

All speculation of course ;)

Feel free to send the headers off list and I'll take a look.



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