On 13-08-19 11:32 AM, Stuart Dallas wrote:
On 19 Aug 2013, at 16:24, Matijn Woudt <tijn...@gmail.com> wrote:

You might want to explain how you convert form data to JSON without javascript?

PHP can do it. Ruby can do it. .NET can do it. Just because you want to use 
JSON in a web browser where Javascript is the go-to method, doesn't mean JSON 
requires Javascript.


Yes, of course they can do it, but then you first need to submit the POST data 
(which he could not do because of the above). Javascript is more or less the 
only way to do it (yes I know Flash….)

I wasn't speaking to his specific issue as that was solved by an earlier 
response. I was just commenting that the implied intrinsic link between JSON 
and Javascript in what he had said does not exist.

Your post didn't in anyway indicate that your response had nothing to do with his problem:

    "I know you've had the right answer, but I think it's worth
     pointing out that use of JSON in no way requires Javascript,
     despite its name."

As such, given the requirement of POSTing over HTTP(S) and that JavaScript is almost certainly more frequently used than ActionScript, I think a JSON based solution was at least 50% linked to JavaScript.


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