Hi everyone.
  We have two webservers set up to be loadbalanced. As you could imagine 
that's a bit of a problem with sessions, but I figured out how to get 
around that. (actually that was kind of easy). You set up the php.ini to 
save the session files in a mutual drive. For example, we have a network 
attatched storage device mounted from both webservers. With the addition of 
--enable-trans-id and <form action=url?=SID> this seems to work flawlessly.
 I upgraded from 4.0.4pl2 (I think) to 4.0.6 and now magically we're having 
several issues with sessions and specific clients.
   All Netscapes on the macOS, and ALL WIN95 clients can NOT log in. The 
functionality demonstrates the same traits as when a client does not have 
cookies enabled and tries to login, but we've worked with these people, 
they're settings are correct and everything SHOULD be a go, but it's not.
     Anyone have any ideas? 
        I'm almost ready to revert back to 4.0.4 here!


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