Is the subdomain also in a subfolder of the main domain?

Jim Giner wrote:
> I have a main domain (of course) and a sub
domain.  I'm really trying to
> steer my personal stuff away from
the main one and have focused all of
> my php development to the
> Lately I noticed that google catalogs my
sub-domain site stuff under the
> main domain name and the links
that come up lead to that domain name
> with the path that takes
the user to the sub-domain's home folder and
> beyond.

> Is there something that php (apache??) can do to control either
> robots or the user's view (url) so that it appears as a
page of my
> sub-domain?  I'm really new at this stuff and know
nothing.  I'm lucky
> that google is even finding my site!
> IN advance - I apologize for this off-topic question,
but this place is
> a source of much knowledge, so I just threw in
a quick interlude here to
> pick someone's brain.  :)

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