I have a page that needs to get another page on the fly, using
the same session.  I figured out how to stop my session and set
the cookie on the CURL handler, and everything was cool.  The
curled page had my same session available as the calling page.
Life was good.

Now something has changed after upgrading from 5.2.4 to 5.3.10.
My session was no longer available on the curled page.  What's
strange is that the PHPSESSID cookie was still being set, and
hit had the correct value.

Here is the weirdest part.  If I do this:


The session is there!  But why isn't php taking
the cookie as the id all by itself?  Regular
pages (not curled) all work as before.  All of
our websites work fine on the new version, except
for this one curl call.  I could update 100's of
websites to fix them with the added lines, but
I'd really rather find out why the curled page
is not taking the session_id from the PHPSESSID



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