Hello all, 

im posting this here, because the bug report system of "php.net" is not right
place for my problem. It's not a bug, but a wish - an I found there no
"wishlist" option at all.

I'm running my own webmail-client, written in PHP. It is stable, fast and
pretty, showing the full power of the PHP imap section.

Of course it presents paginated content lists for every mailbox the user may
open. These lists tell him some usefull things about every mail actually listed:
Sender, date, subject, size and (eventually) flags.

All these things are nicely delivered by the function "imap_fetch_overview()"
The same could be done by calling "imap_headerinfo()" for every single mail, but
"fetch_overview" seems to be faster, because it does it at once for the whole

BUT NONE OF THEM returns any information about the MIME-Type of the mail!

Since the user of my webmail client has the intrinsic, natural born an general
human right to KNOW whether some mail in his mailbox has attachments or not, I'm
forced to do very ugly things. My script calls additionally for every (!)
actually listed mail  "imap_fetchbody($connect, $msg_no, 0)" - where "$connect"
holds the result of "imap_open()". 

That gives me the mail header, the script reads the line starting with
"Content-Type:" and returns its content. Evaluating this against "mixed" or
"alternative" we have finaly what we want: This mail has attachments! Or is
written in HTML, what is even more we wanted!

Works fine, but is ugly. First "fetch_overview" parses all mail headers, then
they are fetched again to be parsed for the MIME-Type. I could just omit
"fetch_overview" and read the headers by my own means, that whould be faster,
but then I loose the size information, that is NOT (and cannot) be part of the
mail header!

If I want to have both, size and MIME-Type, and I WANT to have both, respecting
the intrinsic, natural born and general human rights of my user, im must call
both, "overview" and "fetchbody".

My question is this: Is there a better solution? Or is there someone that knows
someone among the PHP-Developpers to suggest them an improvement of the
functions "imap_fetch_overivew()" and "imap_headerinfo()". Please, Please, add
the MIME-Type to your fantastic object collections! BTW: It's really easy. Read
the "Content-Type"-Line! Sorry...

Hope, somebody has an idea,
my regards,



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