2013/9/19 Simon Dániel <simondan...@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I am working on an OOP project, and cannot decide which way to follow when
> I have to write a simple function.
> For example, I want to write a function which generates a random string. In
> an OOP environtment, it is a matter of course to create a static class and
> a static method for that. But why? Isn't it more elegant, if I implement
> such a simple thing as a plain function?

I'd say: Definitely!

> Not to mention that a function is
> more efficient than a class method.

Actually I wouldn't be so sure about that.

> So, in object-oriented programming, what is the best practice to implement
> such a simple function?

In "strict"-OOP [1] you would choose a static method, because functions are
simply forbidden. However, PHP isn't strict about that by itself. So I for
myself don't like the dogmatic "We use classes and nothing else!"-approach.
If a function fits better, it's OK to be a function.

[1] Actually that would end up in a mix of OOP and "class-oriented
programming", which isn't that strict.


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