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I'm in my 20's and rarely, if ever, use a dedicated mouse. I've transitioned to 
having all my workstations be laptops of one sort or another and they have 
built-in trackpads. Of course I also rarely use the mouse when there are so 
many keyboard shortcuts available.
When I'm on my MacBook (which is most of the time) I use the trackpad.
But in the unfortunate times I have to be on a Windows box I always
connect a mouse.
Slightly snobbish solution: Don't use windows.

I'm agnostic when it comes to operating systems. I use Windows, Linux and Mac. I always go for a mouse. If the surface is really shiny, you'll need something under the mouse. In the case of a shiny surface, I've even used a piece of paper under the mouse in a pinch. I tend to use a mousepad in those cases, though. I'm not using one at home, but I do use one at work. It's a matter of taste.


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