Hi all php experts,

I would like to ask you all a question, I hope this is the right place
to ask it.

I'm writing a PHP extension now in c/c++. User uploads a file (could be POST
or PUT method, but I can limit it to POST only). I need to capture the
file data while being
uploaded, without writing it to disk on the server. I need to process
the data and (maybe,
depending on a situation) send it somewhere else or save it to disk.
Of course I know, that I can process the file
after it has been uploaded (saved on disk on the server), but I would
like to avoid it.
I also need to do something opposite: I need to generate a file "on the
fly" and send it
to the user. All metadata of the generated file is known beforehand
(e.g. size, name).

I've been searching around for some time now and I could not find
anything even close to the solution.
Is there any example(s) or existing PHP extension that do(es) something
like this (at least something simmilar) ?
If you could give me any pointers that would be awesome.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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