Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can help with this.

We're using PHP and Apache, hosted on a dedicated server running
Debian Linux. The specific versions in each case are mostly
immaterial, as this problem has been around since Debian 6, and is
still present in Debian 7; in the meantime we've been using the latest
versions of all packages.

We're having problems with PHP script timeouts, which although rare,
are behaving erratically and causing severe problems when they do

The timeouts are always recorded in the Apache log, and sometimes the
script and everything else may execute/terminate correctly, but often,
various failures may be observed, such as:

* timeouts not registered back to PHP - the script may not terminate
as expected (the function registered with register_shutdown_function()
- see code example below - may not be called);

* after a timeout, Apache may run in the background indefinitely,
using up CPU resources in one core;

* Apache may fail altogether - no further requests serviced - Apache
must be restarted.

The exact cause of the fault has not been found. It is reproducible on
all servers we deploy to.

Example PHP script:

function _on_shutdown()
    if (connection_status() & CONNECTION_TIMEOUT)
        echo 'ERROR: TIMEOUT!';
        //Do something else...
//...more code here...
//(various potentially long running scripts which may timeout)

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