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> On 13-10-24 09:41 PM, Larry Garfield wrote:
>> On 10/23/2013 08:51 AM, Jay Blanchard wrote:
>>> [snip] ....a bitter rant....[/snip]
>>> Dang Larry - bad night?
>> That wasn't a bitter rant.  You haven't seen me bitter. :-)  That was
>> "tough love" to the OP.  I don't see a reason to pussyfoot around the
>> original question, which is one that comes up about once a month.  The
>> answer is always the same: How much is your time worth?
> Basic math...
>    Life: finite
>    Time: infinite
>    finite / infinite = 0
> *sniffle*

Who's valuation of your time actually matters? Yours, and yours alone.


Life: n years
Time I can benefit from my life: n years

n years / n years = 1


Your time is the most precious commodity you have.

Whether you use a framework or not you will (hopefully) reuse code between 
projects. If you choose to make part of that reused code one of the many 
frameworks that exist, you need only do one thing to ensure it continues to be 
worth using: how much of your time do you spend battling against the 
restrictions of the framework? If that's sufficiently low then using that 
framework is probably a good thing. If a significant portion of your time is 
spent battling the framework it's time to make a change.

Also remember that the only person who can truthfully judge whether you're 
"wasting time" is you, unless you earn money by selling your time to someone 
else in which case they have some right to decide what constitutes a waste of 
the time for which they're paying. I found the experience of writing my own 
framework to be hugely beneficial to my future productivity, but I might have 
struggled to justify spending the extra time it took to my employer at the time.


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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