Hey all... I tried sending this earlier... accidentally sent it to
[EMAIL PROTECTED], then tried bouncing it to the write address...
anyway, apologies if it didn't work correctly.


I'm trying to get a piece of information from a server in the field that
responds to a certain command with a line of data... ie 'telnet machine
temp' and it gives back "MACHINE:75.3" (temperature).

Anyway, there's a bunch of other stuff you can do to it with rsh, but
that's not directly important.  I'm trying to build a web interface to
control these machines.  Basically, I need to have PHP call 'telnet
machine temp' and have it feed out whatever the machine returns...

I've tried exec(), system(), passthru(), and backticks, all without
success.  I imagine that the reason for this is that telnet isn't routing
it's stuff to STDOUT (or whatever it is that php reads from in this

Now, get this.  If I use my php binary (shell scripting with php!  wh00!)
it works dandy... the temp gets passed on, yadda yadda yippy.  But the
second you try from a web browser, no dice.

Now, I may be completely off track here... it may be that for some reason
that I don't understand, telnet isn't actually outputting anything... I
suspect it is, though.

So... any ideas how I can get what I want?


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