On 24-Jul-2001 Jeremy Morano wrote:
> Whats wrong with this?
> $sql = "INSERT INTO $table_name
> (uid,companyUid, first_name, last_name, address, state, zip_code, country,
> company, occupation, telephone, fax, email, user_name, password)
> \"\", \"uid from companyTable WHERE company= "Itsolutions"\,
> \"$first_name\",\"$last_name\",\"$address\",\"$state\",\"$zip_code\",\"$coun
> try\",\"$company\", \"$occupation\", \"$telephone\", \"$fax\", \"$email\",
> \"$user_name\", \"$password\"
> ";

A. It's un-readable.
B. you prolly did'nt test | display the error message.

Change your \" to ' and the problem is obvious
(spoiler: 'WHERE' comes after the field list).

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