Thanks for your input Henrik,

The problem isn't allowing for file-size really, I'd like to limit it to say some 
500kb, but it's the inability to stop anyone from violating this rule beforehand that 
triggers the warning. I can't stop anyone from uploading a 600kb file until it's 
uploaded - and then the error (warning) is there.

Sure I can skip the size-limit in the <input>-tag, but however high I set the 
upload_max_filesize-limit (and I really don't want to adjust that), there's the risk 
of someone tossing away a larger file. 

I simply want to be able to suppress the warning and handle whatever error I get 

> > How do I suppress the following message when posting a file to a .php-script?
> > 
> > Warning: Max file size exceeded - file [uploadedfile] not saved in...
> > 
> > It's a warning on line 0, and even if I put error_reporting(0) on line
> > 1 it doesn't help. Since the warning is always present all cookies (or
> > other headers) fail too. 
>is the file very large?

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