>I just want to open another page, sending some parameters, at a point
>in a script - without the user clicking on anything (I can do this in
>a form - I want to do it WITHOUT the form).
>Like:    if($test) {
>               GO_TO_PAGE (http://www.site.dom/page.php?id=838383);
>          }
>Except with code that actually works, of course.
>I tried "header (Location:...)" but got an error message that I can't
>add to the headers.

If you HAVE to output other stuff first, you can't send a header because as the name 
implies, a header should be at the top :-)

You can either include something like the following in the HTML page

or do
some weird javascript stuff with an OnLoad event

or simply send
header("Location: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.header.php";);
as the FIRST output of that page.

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