I'm developing an area on my site where clients will have access to certain 
things that nonclients don't.  They each have a login and password and stuff 
like that.  I'm using sessions so members can move from one page to the next 
w/o typing in their info everytime.  This works so great in IE.  I 
concentrate mainly on IE, but when I tried it in netscape and in AOLs 
browser, I get the error message I would get if they were not logged in.  I 
also tried just setting a simple variable on one page and retrieving it on 
the next and it worked in IE but not netscape or aol.  I do not have access 
to my php.ini because its configured right into Apache.  I put phpinfo() on a 
page here:


I also have a link that my server admin told me to check out:


I also posted this on the DevShed forums and that can be found here:


I'd really like to get this figured out asap and haven't had much luck as of 


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