What would be the actual code for this however in
PHP4?  I'm new to the language, but know moderate
amounts of PERL, so I'm really struggling with how
I can assign a file's contents into an array and
delete a line, then write the edited version back
to the file.  Also, the line now contains more
data.  To clarify what I need code for:
Get every line from file.txt which is in this format:
Then, match the first field (The one before the ~)
to Username2.  If it does match, have the program
get rid of the entire line.  Then write everything back
to file.txt.
Sorry if I'm unclear, its really hard to explain what
I need done in text.
Steven Michaels
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> On 25-Jul-2001 Steven Michaels wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I've been wanting to open a file, read its contents,
> > and if one line matches my text, have the program
> > remove that line.  The file is in this format (a common
> > text file.):
> > User1
> > User2
> > User3
> > What I want the program to do is to go through each
> > line, and if that line matches User2, then have it
> > delete it, so the finished text file would be
> > User1
> > User3
> > The problem is that I can't find an equivalent of
> > splice in perl, and that was what I used before
> > to do this.  Could someone help me out?
> > Thanks!
> PHP4: 
>   array_splice()
> PHP3: untested stab:
>   unset($user[1]);
>   unset($user['User2']);
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