OK I've got a problem with my HTML table which I think needs PHP use to
solve it.  I hope not, because I'd rather fix the problem as it should be

OK let me try and describe it.

I have a table with two columns.

In the left hand column is 6 rows of fixed height cells with navigational
links in them.  Below this is one cell that I want to extend all the way to
the bottom of the table.  On the right hand (2nd) column I just have one
large cell which is where all my content goes.  I also have a banner cell
above all of this for my page titles and stuff.  The height of the table
should automatically adjust to suit the amount of content in the main cell,
hence I have not specified a height for it.

Now my problem is this.  Depending on the amount of content in the main
cell, the "fixed" size cells on the left expand.  This is SO annoying!  I
managed to fix it by setting the height of the bottom left hand "filler"
cell to be like 10,000 pixels but that's hardly right and means my copyright
info and stuff at the page bottom is miles out of sight.

Can someone give me a tip here?



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