Put your "thank you" on another page. Then after processing your post data,
instead outputting "thank you" do:

header("Location: http://youthost/thankyoupage.php";);

That should do it.


"Ashley M. Kirchner" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>     I have a card system that will ask for the required information, and
> one hits a 'Send' button to send the card.  This will submit all the
> information to a database and send the viewer to a 'Thank You' page.
> The problem is, if they hit reload on that (Thank You) page, (and answer
> 'yes' to the 'Repost Data' question), a second card will get submitted -
> with the same information as the first.  Needless to say, someone can
> sit at that screen, and hit 'reload' several times and send the same
> card over and over again, flooding the recipient's mailbox.
>     How can I avoid this?
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