Here is the code I am trying to use:

        setcookie('admin2amdmb',mysql_result($user_result, 0,
        $tdate = date ('Y-m-d h:i:s', time());

        $success_query = "INSERT

                        INTO session (SessionID, IP, Login, Sucess, Date)

                        VALUES ('','$REMOTE_ADDR','$login','1','$tdate')";

        $success_result = mysql_query($success_query);

        echo $PHP_SELF; echo $HTTP_REFERRER;

        Header ("Location: '$HTTP_REFERRER'");

This code is inside login2.php, which has a form and a flag.  The form has
an action to: $PHP_SELF which works fine.  But, for some reason
$HTTP_REFERRER is always blank!  I want to use that to reload that page so
the cookie takes effect. What is going on? 

Ryan Shrout

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