try @fopen("categories.txt","r+");

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Hello List,

this is probably a very stupid question, but I dont know how to solve this
little problem:
I have a script with which text files (exported access db data sheets) can
be uploaded to the mysql tables.
It all works fine, but very annoyingly I get warning messages, if the text
file is not resident on the server. But I want it in a way that it doesnt
to be on the server...a catch. The php manual says that if the file
cannot be opened fopen returns false. All nice and good working, but I get
those additional warning messages. Im not sure if it has maybe something
to do with the server, but I am not convinced. Ill put the code below.
Any suggestions are highly appreciated (I tried die command but it somehow
messed up the routine).


$file = array ("colours.txt", "categories.txt", "stockmain.txt",
$i = 0;
while ($file[$i])
//öffne das textfile
         $datei = "";

         if ($datei = fopen($file[$i], "r+"))
                 $zaehler = 0;
//check wieviele zeilen das textfile hat
//um zu verhindern, dass es leer ist!
                 while (!feof ($datei)) //liest jede zeile einzeln mit
                         $buffer = fgets($datei, 1000);
                         //echo $buffer;
                         //echo "<br>";
                 } //end while (!feof ($datei))

                 // MORE CODE AFTER THIS....
                 // .....

                         <td>The file <? echo $file[$i]; ?> could not be
opened: no Mysql insert.</td>
         if ($datei)
         { fclose($datei); }


Warning messages are:

Warning: fopen("categories.txt","r+") - No such file or directory in *some
directory* on line 32

I hope anybody can help...

- Nessi -

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