www.insight.com is a publicly traded fortune 1000 company. The site is 50%
php now and will be launching its new site this week that will move it up to
90% php. a demo will be available today.

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While I do appreciate people's contributions, let me frame the 
discussion a little.  The person I need to convince is an 
administrator of an organization within North America, and he's never 
heard of PHP.  The response I'm hoping to provoke in him is something 
like this:  "You mean _________ is using this PHP thing?  Wow!  They 
know what they're doing, so we'd better use it, too!"

Does this help frame things?  Thanks for the suggestions!


At 10:59 AM -0600 7/26/01, Unni wrote:
>If every one is giving their website about mine
Maurice Rickard

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