I think, that you could solve this problem by parsing the querystring
at own...
  Try out this code:

        //Parse the query string

        $qs      = $QUERY_STRING;
        $parsed1 = Explode("&", $qs);
        $c       = 0;
        foreach ($parsed1 as $p) {
                List($vname, $vval)   = Explode("=", $p);
                $qs_args[$c]->name    = $vname;
                $qs_args[$c++]->value = $vval;

        //This is only for demonstrational purposes, output is list
        //of all variable names and values parsed from query string     
        foreach ($qs_args as $qa) echo $qa->name." =

  Then, you'll have in $qs_args array structure, which contains the
  variable names and values of all parsed query string vars.
  Good luck,

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> Subject: Query String Name ?
> Hi there,
> is there any way to access two variables in a query string 
> that have the same name e.g
> test.php?name=joe&name=bob
> Is there any way to extract both values of name without 
> changing the way the query string is created?
> Thanks,
> Abe

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