thanks David ;)
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> On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 19:13, elias wrote:
> > Hi.
> >
> > Usually, Any AUTO_INCREMENT field in MySql table will have always an
> > incrementing value.
> > Now Suppose I emptied the table and then inserted one record, why not
> > this record LAST_INSERT_ID is not '1' or '0' and why it is the lastid+1
> > before I empty the table?
> >
> > Can't I reset that pointer w/ deleting the table and creating it again?
> This is the php list, not the mysql list :-)
> Again from the mysql manual (you should get a copy)
> If you delete the row containing the maximum value for an AUTO_INCREMENT
> column, the value will be reused with an ISAM, GEMINI or BDB table but
> not with a MyISAM or InnoDB table. If you delete all rows in the table
> with DELETE FROM table_name (without a WHERE) in AUTOCOMMIT mode, the
> sequence starts over for all table types.
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