Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a PHP/MySQL script that keeps traffic stats, similar to
what the Counter.com script offers.

Do you know where I can one that offer the following features?

 The ideal script would:

  -track user domain and IP
  -track page viewed
  -provide a graphical display of site traffic by day,week, month, and/or
  -track Top Referrers
  -track user platform and browsers
  -Track Search Engines
  -Banner tracking (?)
  -password protected
  -track screen depth and resolution
  -track download documents

 If you know of any script that has, or is relative close to having, these
 features, then please let me know.

 Thanks in advance!

__________John Monfort_________________
     P E P I E  D E S I G N S
"The world is waiting, are you ready?"

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