Regular email flows in and out just fine.

The host providers are and have been fiddling with the dns stuff to no


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On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 11:11:57 -0600, Kevin Leavell ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
>mail0 is sending mail that can't be received by aol or my local isp.
> That
>same mail can be received by other sites on that same server.  The
>mail doesn't bounce but I am getting a few DSN errors in my maillog.

it sounds like you don't have dns set up. try pinging a bunch of
domains from the server.

>My site is
>hosted at a major hosting company.  Funny enough, when the scripts
>were run
>on their server w/ php as a cgi, all worked well.  When I moved my
>to a server that had mod_php, I began having problems.
>Any wizards out their have any ideas?  The hosting company seems to
>have run
>out of ideas.
>The PHP version is 4.0.3pl1 running on Redhat 6x with Apache 1.3.14
>I have tried various header configs, double checked my php.ini file
>config, but after a week of dealing with this, I'll try
>even dance a jig if that is what it takes.
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