Hope I can explain this. I want to have scripts that will automatically refresh
a page entered by the user. So a form will have URL to refresh, seconds to
refresh and title of page. I want the page to continually refresh every X seconds.

I think I would need two pages that go back and forth between each other.
Here is what I have for the first script/page after the form. I don't know what
to do after this on the second page in order to pass the variables on to it.

Thanks for any help.
Jeff Oien


if (!$refresh || !$seconds) {
        echo "Please choose a URL to Refresh and Seconds to Refresh.";
print "<html>
<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"$seconds;url=refresh1.php\">
<frameset cols=\"100%\" rows=\"100%\">
        <frame name=\"Frame 1\" src=\"$refresh\" scrolling=\"auto\">
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