Mr. Robert Harvesy,
5 Ė 8 Milton Obote,
Avenue BLED
Congo Ė Zaire,
I got your contact from the Internet and I know that
this letter will come to you as a big surprise but
donít ignore it. The profit will not only be for you
but for generations, this matter is very  important 
and  needs utmost  trust  and  confidence.
I  am  Mr. Robert Harvesy, a business consultant
and a close confidant  of former most powerful
first family in Zaire, now Democratic Republic  of
The former first lady told me that they have lost
their oil wells and their gold mines have been shut
down and confiscated by the new government and
they donít want to loose their cash again.
The family wishes to move out of the country the sum
of US$168 million  [ one hundred and sixty eight
million United states Dollars]  she wants to nvestthe 
aforementioned  sum  in  viable  businesses 
My client does not wish to place this fund with
established financial institutions in the family's
name for security reasons.  It is her desire that
thedeal be handled as quietly as possible without
possibility of any leakage to the public or
government.  She has therefore instructed and
empowered me to look for a reliable foreigner who
can arrange and receive this money in his account
overseas and assist to invest the fund properly for
If you know that you are capable and have the
facilities to handle this large amount or knows a
trusted friend or organizations who can handle this
project in strict confidence, my client is willing
to give you and such entity  25%  of  the total sum 
received on behalf of the family for overseas
To  act  as  a fund  manager  for my  client  and 
her  family  in overseas  I  shall  release  the  sum 
of  US$168 million [one hundred and sixty eight
million]  to you  if  you  meet  my  requirements. 
The  money  is  available  in  cash  in  a  safe 
trunk deposited with a security company,  and  upon  a
 favorable  response  from you,  I  shall  let  you 
know  how you shall receive it.
Your  commission  shall  be   25% of  the  total 
sum,  and  an  annual  10%  of  theafter  tax  returns
 on  investment  for  the first five  years. 
Thereafter,  the  terms  shall  bevaried.
Sir,  if  you  are  capable  and reliable,  reach 
me  by  email address soonest.
Best  regards,

Robert Harvesy

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