Change your output string to look like


and you should be ok.

You may find as you get further into this that you need a delay loop to
make sure that flash has read all of your data, since it happens
asychronously (at least in Flash 4 it did) so you'll want a sentinel
value at the end:


in the flash movie, set ok=0 and wait/loop until you see ok=1 and you'll
know the data reading is complete.   (This may have been fixed in Flash
5, but I haven't tested it).

- Tim

> The string getting returned looks like so (currently it's just the 1 variable):
> &bAcquired=Y
> Flash's debugger seems to think that there is a tab character after the
> 'Y', so in the debugger, the variable bAcquired looks like so:
> Y\t

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