"Manu Verhaegen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have the following question :
> I have a picture of a floor and the dimention are W=500     H=375
> I put this image on te screen by the following command
>   <img border="0" src="red.jpg" WIDTH="500" HEIGHT="375">
> I want to make this picture smaller
>   <img border="0" src="red.jpg" width="250" height="100">
> Now the whole picture is smaller and i want to see only the dimentions
> and H=100
> and not the dimentions W=250     H275

Okay, first...  Where did the "H 275" come from?

Are you trying to show only the first 250x100 of the image? (like a crop)
Or are you just trying to resize it?  (as if a thumbnail?)
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