* Chris Aitken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010729 19:44]:
> Something ive been working on and not having much success is this. I am 
> writing a function, and I want to be able to feed it the following -
> function_name (
>          array("Apple","Red","10","20"),
>          array("Banana","Yellow","10","20")
>          );
> now, basically what I want to be able to do is, take each array andlist 
> each entry in the array as a variable...... eg..
> (first loop run)
> $title="Apple";
> $value="Red";
> $size1="10";
> $size2="20";
> (first loop run)
> $title="Banana";
> $value="Yellow";
> $size1="10";
> $size2="20";
> etc. The function may have any number of entries (1 onwards) etc. I have 
> played with foreach() and other variants, but I just cant seem to find the 
> right combo of code to get it working.

This seems to work.

$array2d = array(
foreach($array2d as $rowNum => $rowVal) {
    print "Row $rowNum:<br />\n";
    print "Title is $rowVal[0]<br />\n";
    print "Value is $rowVal[1]<br />\n";
    print "Size1 is $rowVal[2]<br />\n";
    print "Size2 is $rowVal[3]<br />\n";

Maybe it will give you a place to start.

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