"Stuart Grimshaw" <"stuart[get"@smgsystems.co.uk wrote in message
> Yasuo Ohgaki wrote:
> > It works fine.
> > You probably need to specify libpq location explicitly.
> >  --with-pgsql=/your/pgsql-7.1.2/somewhere
> I have, several times.
> and I did a rm config.cache, reconfigure & make clean in between each one
> too.

Where is your libpq and include file that comes with PostgreSQL 7.1.2? If they
are under /usr/local, I guess you have older one some where. If you don't need
older one, remove (or move somewhere) them.

Compiling PHP with PostgreSQL is straight forward, if you have only one version
of libpq and include file.

When you are sure that you have only one version of libpq and pgsql include. Try
"make distclean; ./configure [options]; make".

Yasuo Ohgaki

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