I'm trying to install sablot on my win2k machine.  I have PHP 4.0.5 and in
the /php/dlls/ directory there is the expat.dll and the sablot.dll.  Also,
in the /php/extentions/ directory there is the php_sablot.dll.

I have a small test script to see if it's working and also printing out the
phpinfo() and for some reason it's not getting loaded.  I've tried to
uncomment the line in the php.ini to load the php_sablot.dll but that
doesn't work.  I've also tried to load the php_sablot.dll using the dl()
function, however that doesn't work either.

I've read the installation for win that it comes with and it says to make
sure that expat.dll, sablot.dll, and sabcmd.ext are in my PATH.  Since I'm
using win2k I don't have a clue where to set the stupid path (grrr).  Would
I be correct in assuming that it's asking to be placed in the php path? or
the extentions directory?

Thanks for any help...

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