I'm trying to get IMAP4, krb4, and php4 working happily together.

I was able to get php's imap support to recognize the krb4 tickets by
adding this to ext/imap/php_imap.c:

        auth_link(&auth_krb);        /* link in the log authenticator */

in with the other auth_link statements.

The problem I'm having now, is that c-client is able to kerberos
authentication properly if php is compiled as a CGI, but when compiled as
a server module, the ticket file gets mucked up.  imap_open() invokes
c-client, and if a KRBTKFILE environment variable is set, the kerberized
c-client knows it should try to authenticate with that.

c-client opens a connection with the kdc and is able to request the
service ticket... with the cgi it works.. with the server module, the
request is denied.

The c-client is working properly (confirmed with the mtest program that
comes with the imap distribution).

Anyone have ideas of what changes between the cgi and apache module
versions of php that might cause this?

I've tried this with imap 4.7c, imap 2000c, php 4.0.5 and 4.0.6, and the
solaris and transarc versions of the krb4 libraries.

Liam Hoekenga
UM Webmaster Team

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