So I'm _not_ the only one still running UV :-)))

Do you have the UV PDF's handy?  There's a section on setting up the ODBC.
If you don't have it, I'll mail you a copy.

UV's ODBC works reasonably well, except that it takes a seat every time you
instantiate a connect.  Perhaps a better way of going about it is to use
Vantage Point's MVServer.  Larry Wilcox, the author of the MVServer, is
working on a Linux version currently.  Dunno when he'll have it ready.

In the meantime, if I can help out, let me know.  There are a few little
setups involved, such as making sure that the (x)inetd service EXEC is
allowed to run.  You might want to lock that down pretty tightly (ie, using
the only_from directive in the xinetd.d setup file) since it possibly could
present a pretty large hole in security.

I'd be glad to assist.


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Anybody on this list:

1.  Have experience with ODBC for Universe
2.  Know where there is a driver available

You may reply privately if you think it is not of interest
to this group

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