Where in the world does JavaScript come into it?...


----- file: banner.php ---------------
    # Use some formula to do a weighted random selection of a banner ID
    echo "<A HREF=http://yoursite.com/forward.php?ID=$ID><IMG

----- file: forward.php ---------------
    # Lookup $ID->$URL in the database and update your click-through stats
for that $ID
    header("Location: $URL");

----- file: image.php -----------------
    # Lookup $ID->$path in the database and update your display-ad stats for
that $ID
    header("Content-type: image/jpg");
    header("Content-length: " . filesize($path));

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Subject: Banner Exchange Schema ??

>   In creating a banner exchange, anyone have thoughts on how the big boys
> use their javascript and server side coding to do the banner rotations?
> look at a lto of examples but some concurrency issues arrise.  Anyone have
> thoughts on or seen 'research' on how the major networks get the job done

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