> I'm simply trying to resize an image, which is working - sortof.  It
> properly, but it loses it's color.  Why, and how do I correct it?  Thanks.
> <?
> $pic_dir = "_uimages";
> $picture = "$pic_dir/mypic.jpg";
> $size = GetImageSize($picture);
> $width = round($size[0]/4);
> $height = round($size[1]/4);
> $im = ImageCreate($width,$height);
> $im_o = ImageCreateFromJPEG($picture);;
> ImageCopyResized($im,$im_o,0,0,0,0,$width,$height,$size[0],$size[1]);
> imagedestroy($im_o);
> ImageJPEG($im);
> imagedestroy($im);
> ?>

Your $im does not have the same pallette of colors as the original...

You'll need to copy over the pallette first somehow.

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