> // Make new directory function
> $default_dir = ("D:\www\Proj\$textfield2\");

The ()'s are silly... They force the string to be evaluated before any other
expressions in this statement, and there aren't any.

The \'s are bad, though.  \ is a "special" character inside of " and you
need to put \\ to get one \.  So, this line should be:

$default_dir = "D:\\www\\Proj\\$textfield2\\";

An alternative is to just / like a real OS :-)
$default_dir = "D:/www/Proj/$textfield2/";

Can't guarantee the trailing slash belongs there or not.  You'll have to try
both ways to be sure.

> if(file_exists($default_dir)) rmdir($default_dir);

This is technically okay, but sooner or later, you're going to need to do
more than just rmdir.  I'd recommend using:


> mkdir($default_dir, 0777);

Logically, it might be better to test if the directory does *NOT* exist,
then make it.  Thus replace these two (well, four lines, now) with:

if (!file_exists($default_dir)){

NOTE:  This will puke if D:\\www\\Proj doesn't already exist...  You may
want to add some error checking such as:

if (!file_exists($default_dir)){
    if (!mkdir($default_dir)){
        echo "Could not create $default_dir.  Parent directory probably
doesn't exist.";

> // Copy template.html to new directory
> $filename = D:Automator\auto_2\Template.html;

You need quotes and \\ for each \ and you are missing a \ after D:
$filename = "D:\\Automator\\auto_2\\Template.html";

> copy($filename, ($default_dir) .overview.html);

You need quotes around the overview.html part:
copy($filename, ($default_dir) . "overview.html");

You may want to alter you php.ini file and use E_ALL (including E_NOTICE)
instead of the default setting -- A lot of the errors you are making would
be more clear if you did that.

> Can I not have these two scripts run together? The mkdir function alone
> works. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I think I hit everything, but you never know for sure until it actually
works, eh?

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