>The client wants to get a report written out over each hour like this:
>11:00    2 Customers
>11:15    32 Customers
>11:30    12 Customers
>22:30    14 Customers

Assuming you only allow them to put in valid :15 minute data in the first

$query = "select time_field, count(*) from booking GROUP BY time_field order
by time_field";
$bookings = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
while (list($time, $count) = mysql_fetch_row($bookings)){
    echo "$time $count Customers<BR>\n";

The GROUP BY clause "smushes" all records with the same value in that field
together in a set so you can get the COUNT.  Or AVERAGE on another field, or
MIN or MAX or all sorts of other cool "AGGREGATE" functions.

For example, the following might be a query you'd write to tell him which
hours are his biggest/lowest revenue-generators:

select time_field, min(bill), max(bill) from receipts group by time_field

Assuming that for each reservation he had recorded their bill in the first

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