I suggest you go to http://www.nombas.com they have a library that can be
easily implemented in almost any language.
After you have it implemented you'll be having a new scripting language that
is like ECMAScript (or JavaScript)

So since you're looking for something easy, JavaScript is more easier than

Good luck.

"Richard Lyle" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm currently looking at "Lua" for use as a embedded scripting language
> our game, DarkSpace, http://www.palestar.com.
> However, I'd like to find out if PHP can be compiled into a LIB and linked
> into another application to be used as a embedded scripting language, much
> in the way that mod_php4 get's compiled for apache. Since PHP is so much
> like C/C++ it makes it alot easier to write in than learn an entirely new
> language.
> Time is critical for us, since I need to begin work today..
> Thanks,
> Richard Lyle

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