And again..

Read the manual!

Download it and scroll through all files..

Do you really want others to write your code so you can copy and paste it?? 
If you can't find the manual it's on you can even search the 
documentation for the word mail.

One hint for free: additional headers. Take a look at example 4.



At 17:46 31-7-01 -0700, Kyle Smith wrote:
>When i send an email from my server is there any way to change the email 
>address so when its sent instead of saying its from [EMAIL PROTECTED] (my 
>servers email address) to something like 
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] or just my normal email address?
>P.S. when you reply to this could you please reply to me instead of the 
>PHP-general list
>New address.... new site
>ICQ: 115852509
>AIM: legokiller666

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